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    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  -Margaret Mead
    Isn’t it crazy that we humans simultaneously fear and crave relationships?  We are hard-wired to want to know others and be known by them, but due to the vulnerability and sacrifice required to invest in deep relationships, we often opt out.  I believe Cornerstone is called to be counter-cultural in this area, and in so doing we will shine the light of Christ.  We will foster authentic, transformational relationships through small group Bible studies that change individuals and the world!  In small groups we can:
• Disciple each other - We all have spiritual gifts designed to help each other grow closer to Christ.
• Care for each other - When hard times come, we need other believers to surround us with prayer.
• Build community - Small groups are not just Bible studies.  We share life and build lasting friendships.
• Be missional- When you participate in a small group Bible study, other men can encourage you to share your faith in tangible ways with others in your life, both on the inside and the outside.
• Grow our Church- Disconnected people in our church will be more likely to stay and grow if they are invited into a small group.  Also, many unchurched people who aren’t comfortable attending a service or event may be willing to check out a small group study.
• Be transformed- Friday night worship is very important in a believer’s life, but personal transformation will mainly happen in the loving laboratory of a small group.
Check the weekly bulletin for opportunities to join a small group study, and join with us in praying and believing that we could significantly increase our participation level, and as we do so we will see greater impact on, the personal lives of Cornerstone attenders as well as an impact on the community and the world.  
What is stopping us from fully embracing this proven method for growth?  The biggest excuse we all have is lack of time or energy.  The problem with that excuse is that it works off of the assumption that God is calling us to ADD life groups to our already busy schedule.  Remember when Jesus called the disciples to leave everything and start a life group that eventually changed the world?  They cleared off their entire schedule to make that work!  I don’t think God is asking us to do that, because many of the activities in which we engage will be our open door for missional outreach.  However, God may be calling us all to sacrifice something in our life that will not be as eternally significant as being in a community with other believers and seekers.  Will you make a sacrifice in faith that God will use your small group to change you and the world?




Daily Scripture

Reading the Bible can be very meaningful. We hope that the following passages are meaningful for you. With each day’s readings, we encourage you to first pray for understanding. After reading ask yourself, “What did I learn about God?” “What did I learn about myself?” and “Is there anything that I read that I would like to apply to my life?”



Weekly Topic- One Year Reading Plan:


Thursday, Nov. 30 -

Jeremiah 8, Jeremiah 9,

Hebrews 3.


Friday, Dec. 1 -

Jeremiah 10, Jeremiah 11,

Hebrews 4. 


Saturday, Dec. 2 -

Jeremiah 12, Jeremiah 13,

Hebrews 5. 


Sunday, Dec. 3 -

Jeremiah 14, Jeremiah 15, 

Hebrews 6.

Monday, Dec. 4 -

Jeremiah 16, Jeremiah 17,

Hebrews 7. 


Tuesday, Dec. 5 -

Jeremiah 18, Jeremiah 19,

Hebrews 8.  


Wednesday, Dec. 6

Jeremiah 20, Jeremiah 21,

Hebrews 9.


Thursday, Dec. 7

Jeremiah 22, Jeremiah 23,

Hebrews 10. 


Friday, Dec. 8 -

Jeremiah 24, Jeremiah 25,

Hebrews 11.