Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional


Luke 18:9 "To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable:"

Without even hearing the parable that begins in Luke 18:10, we are faced with a personal question between the lines of this introductory verse. “Am I confident of my own righteousness?”  which is followed by “Why or Why Not?”

So, the first question is one which many of us, including me, will need to answer with a “Yes”.  In words, actions or thoughts, we all tend to look at someone and decide very quickly why they are less than I am.  This often comes into play when there is an obvious difference.  For example, if there is a difference in financial situations, the poor may quickly assume that the person with more is greedy and has a cold heart toward anyone who has less than they do.  The richer of the two may quickly decide that the person with less has no motivation or is careless with what they have.  These assumptions may be correct, but they may be completely inaccurate.  There is a word for making these kinds of judgments before knowing the details – it is called prejudice and has no place in the Kingdom of Jesus.  Even in the church (or especially in the church), we can find this attitude very quickly.  

All too often, I find myself deciding who someone really is deep down before getting to know them.  When I do this, I am almost always confident that I am more righteous than they are and I look down on them. Based on what???  Only my own attitude. (sigh)

If there is any righteousness in me, it is Christ living in me.  On my own, there is no righteous thing about me.  The same goes for the other person.  So why do I think I am better?  Sounds like we are among equals – no one is righteous on their own, no not one.

Let’s seek the righteousness of Christ together, encouraging those who have different characteristics and different life situations to be our brothers in Christ – his righteousness is plentiful.  Let’s live to share it with all we come in contact with.