Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional


Look over there on the north wall,

     that picture was there when I wasn't very tall.

I'd looked at it many times while going by,

     paying little attention to detail, it's just a picture, that's why.

You will notice as I did all those years,

     the main subject jumps out at you bright and clear.

But stop and look more closely for ther's more to see,

     a barn placed back in the hill surrounded by some trees.

Perhaps you see the cattle as they graze in the low land,

     while the old tractor sits idle at the end of the wheat stand.

And even the wagon has more to show than I thought,

     look at the steps and seat springs and the load that had

     been brought.

We kinds go through life like look'n at the picture,

     only see'n the main subject while all the others are mak'n up

     the mixture.

Each time we view that painting, just as with life ther's

     someth'n new, and see the tiniest things most times ones that carry

     us through. 

For just as we go along we must incorporate many items,

     the blend of good and bad, large and small, there's no sense

     to fight'un.

We're mov'n on but that canvas just hangs there a show'n many 

     things, we must be watchful and careful not to miss the important 

     features this life has to bring.