Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional


Oh, what a beautiful day we have been given to adore,

     makes no difference weather rain or shine, all is wonderful

     when we come in the door.


Once inside these hallowed walls many Christians we will meet,

     some are up and visiting and others are in their seats.


The windows that grace our church on either side,

     have names of people who were our guides.


The warmth that is radiated by the souls within this place,

     is not one of religion but one of spiritual grace.


The songs that are sung and the verses that are read,

     are to proclaim that we believe our Lord is not dead.


Now let's not get to upity as we sit here in this church today,

     for it's Him alone that if we are Christians it is for the Lord

     to say.


We must go about our worldy deed, and to constantly search,

     for the real reasons why we come to His Church, Our Church. 


by JU