Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional

"Are There Angels"


Are there Angels here beside us as

we journey life’s winding road,

Sent from haven here to guide us

along future paths unknown?


I saw an Angel in my dream with

an iridescent smile, raven hair,

delicate wings and a

warm angelic style.


He bore a sweet resemblance

to someone I used to know,

but the era had lapsed,

long since passed, for the

winds of time do blow.


He told me of a heavenly land,

a paradise he claimed,

that awaits the souls of everyone

who worships God’s name.


He showed me living waters bearing life of endless flow,

unconditional love for our Master above,

a place where streets are paved in gold.

And when my dream came to an end he kissed me tenderly,

whispered we’ll soon meet again when God feels it’s meant to be.

In the morning I awakened to the dawning of the day,

with my spirit a glow for I’d been kissed by a rose,

in this dream I’ll cherish till my dying day.


Yes, angels walk beside us however unbelievable it seems,

sent from heaven here to guide us even in our dreams.


- A.