Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional


                T'was asked of me to give some words on this Blessed event,

                     well here it is and all being Heaven sent.

                The first of my thoughts and hopes of this day,

                     is that we really never forget that it is Christ's birthday.

                 With all of the running and chasing around,

                     let's not forget what the three wise men found.

                 Our Savior on a manger in a broken old stable,

                      now just imagine that if we are all able.

                 Our King, Ruler, Leader being nothing more than a child,

                      I don't know 'bout you but I think that is just wild.

                 Just as shepards and wise men learned that night,

                      this world gained our Savior and I know that's right.

                 The star that shown over Him was so bright,

                      could be seen both in day and at night.

                 That must mean that no matter how far we roam,

                       need only look to heaven and He will lead us home.

                  Now Jesus, on Your birthday and my whole life through,

                       this gift of myself I give to You.  JU