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Cornerstone Prison Church is:
  • A Faith Community - seeking to grow in Christ
  • A Prison Church, really- a church inside the walls of a prison
  • A Place of Hope - our hope is found in Jesus
  • A Hospital - caring for the spiritually unhealthy, God is the ultimate healer
  • A Mission Base - where Christ followers can be encouraged in their journey
  • A Place of Grace - come as you are, we all come that way
  • A Home for the Spiritual Traveler - comfort and hospitality provided by the Holy Spirit
  • The Bride of Christ - with Christians all around the world and throughout time



A Vision of Change:

Our vision is to share with the community at the South Dakota State Penitentiary (SDSP) and the surrounding area the life changing love of God through Jesus Christ.



A Mission to Grow:

It is our mission to help the men at the South Dakota State Penitentiary to develop into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, both for life on the inside and hopefully on the outside of the institution.



Why a Prison Church?

The Cornerstone Prison Church feels called to reach out to the men at SDSP and to disciple them in the Christian faith. As in the outside world, the church setting is instrumental to their growth as mature and faithful disciples of our lord. It becomes a place to nurture, encourage, and provide opportunities for the men to serve others as they grow in their faith.

A church behind the walls gives our members a true sense of ownership, acceptance, and belonging. Many of our members look for opportunities to participate in various inside ministries, such as our weekly worship services and our Faith Fellowship Weekends. Our members oftentimes reach out behind the walls by inviting others to come to “their” church.  Being a church also allows for a level of accountability among those who are a part of the Cornerstone community.