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How can you help Cornerstone continue to grow and develop?

There are many ways you can be involved in the ministry of Cornerstone Prison Church.  If you are interested in being personally involved within the prison setting, we are hoping for Bible Study leaders, mentors (M2 program), individuals and groups to worship with us on Friday nights.  That is only part of the list. 

      Prayer Partner     




Become a "gREEN Tag volunteer" to help as an escort for other volunteers (requires 24 hrs OF training)


To be part of the ministry from where you are, you can be a prayer partner, financial supporter or provide for our Annual Fellowship Meal or Christmas Card and Fudge gift to all the inmates in the facility. 

Cornerstone is a non-profit ministry and receives no funds from the State of south Dakota. Please consider being a supporting church by taking an offering for Cornerstone Prison Church.

Individuals are also encouraged to contribute to Cornerstone Prison church by sending their gifts to the address below. All donations to Cornerstone are tax-deductible.


Donations can be sent to:

Cornerstone Prison Church

c/o Dave Vande Kamp, Treas.

801 S. Gordon Drive

Sioux Falls, SD  57110