Finding Freedom on the Inside


Prison is open to all visitors beginning Monday, May 24, 2021

There are many ways to connect with Cornerstone Prison Church - both inside the walls and from where you are now.  

  • Inside - you can become a mentor, you can visit a worship service, participate at a Faith Fellowship Weekend or maybe lead a weekly Bible Study
  • Outside - prayer support is most important, we also need ongoing financial support to fulfill our Kingdom Mission
  • Aftercare - many of the men involved with Cornerstone will be released some day.  Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is seeking to walk alongside them as they adjust back into society in a positive way.  

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Jesus had disciples.  Jesus' disciples had disciples.  Those disciples has disciples.  On and on it goes.  Discipleship is an important part of any effective ministry.


We are excited to share the following opportunities for disciples who are interested in making disciples inside the walls of the SDSP.

Worship volunteers - as simple as that!  Volunteer to join us for worship.

Bible Study Leaders - Many men are excited to learn.  We want to make this as personal and as educational as we can.  

Music lessons - in voice, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums.

Praise Band Leader - we supply the band members, maybe you are called to supply the leadership.