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Printable Donation Form

Please Help Cornerstone Prison Church Reach the Kingdom
from Behind the Walls of The South Dakota State Penitentiary


Enclosed is a  $ _____________  gift for Cornerstone Prison church

Please use for   (     )General Fund    (     )Bibles & Materials    (     )Cornerstone Barnabus Foundation

Name: _________________________________Email____________________________

Address: ________________________________ City____________________________

State ________________ Zip _____________  Phone____________________________

Please make checks payable to Cornerstone Prison Church. 

Cornerstone is a non-profit ministry and all gifts are tax deductible.


Please print this form and send completed form with gift or simply send your gift to:

Cornerstone Prison Church 

c/o David Vande Kamp, Treasurer

801 S. Gordon Drive,

Sioux Falls, SD 57110.