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On the Inside

We are currently reaching out to the men behind the walls of the South Dakota State Penitentiary through small group Bible studies.  These studies give us the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also able to disciple the men in what it means to live as a follower of Jesus Christ and the Most High God.

The men also have the opportunity to attend Friday afternoon worship services. Here we mix insiders and outsiders as we praise our Lord and Savior. Here we learn, worship, and fellowship together as God’s people.



On the Outside

On the outside Cornerstone has developed a solid board of Ambassadors that helps with the inside ministry and promotes Cornerstone to the outside world. Our board has helped Cornerstone reach out far beyond Sioux Falls by encouraging new prison churches, an aftercare program,  and supporting our seminary internship program.

We have been blessed by a great group of volunteers who help with our Bible studies, our worship services, and our Faith Fellowship Weekends. These people give countless hours to help the men hear about our Lord and to help them grown in their faith.

We have a generous group of donors and supporting churches who enable us to fulfill Christ’s mandate to visit the prisoners. Without the help of the outside church our ministry simply could not be sustained.