Finding Freedom on the Inside

Weekly Devotional

Lustfully Looking


    "I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl."  Job 31:1


Job went from being a wealthy and prosperous husband and father, to a poor, destitute, boil infested shadow of a man.  To make matters worse, Job's friends in their effort to comfort him, actually accuse him of sin and wrong-doing.  Job argued against the false accusation that he was a wicked man and that he was getting what he deserved.  Job began his denials against the false accusations by telling about a covenant he had made with his eyes.  He had promised not to look lustfully at a girl.  Job very likely noticed when there was a pretty girl or woman in his presence.  He was after all a human being.  But the difference was, he chose not to look at her lustfully.  


He chose not to take that second or third look, or even that extra-long look.  As Christian men, we must learn to discipline our eyes as well.  We need to train ourselves to only notice-not lustfully stare.  We need to avoid traps for eyes such as television shows, magazines, and especially pornography.  We need to take control of our eyes, our bodies, and our minds, as we strive to live each day for our Lord and Saviour.


We will be tested.  Satan doesn't give up easily and is always on the lookout for a weak spot in our spiritual armor.  Remember the words of Philippians 4:13--"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." 


PRAYER:  Father, help us to have pure hearts and minds.  Help us to see those around us as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Put blinders on my eyes when I am tempted to look at a woman lustfully.

In Jesus Name,